Welcome to Bone Boot Camp


1. Read the disclaimer. Talk to your doctor before you participate in this program.
2. Begin with the Foundational videos on breathing and movement. The concepts in these videos are essential to understand before you start lifting weights.
3. Next, watch the Before You Lift video on choosing your external load or weights. This short, simple guide will help you select your weights. You can use things you have around the house, or simple inexpensive resistance bands or weights. These can be bought at a sporting goods store, Target, Walmart, or from an online source.
4. The Warm Up video is important for your preparedness. The video is 11 minutes and is a great way to get your body ready for weights or bands. If you have a warm up you like better than mine, please take note of the areas of the body I warm up in my video and try to hit all the same areas.
5. There are 9 short exercise videos that target specific bone-strengthening sites. You will see them listed in an order that makes sense to me in regards to increasing the complexity of the move as you go. Over time you may choose an order that works best for you.
6. Always remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. If you only have time for a warm up and 5 exercises, do not skip it! Do it! Studies have shown that even the smallest of changes in our movement patterns can have benefit.