Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia?

Bone Boot Camp is an easy-to-use exercise program that not only promotes bone density & builds muscle strength, but bolsters your health & confidence too.


Core Strength

  • We Begin with alignment, which puts you in the best possible position to engage your reflexive core
  • Breathing for core engagement
  • Foundational movements to encourage awareness of how your core supports your weightlifting

Bone Strength

  • Loading bone is a proven technique for promoting bone growth
  • Progressive loading is the smart way to give your tissues the time to adapt
  • As the muscle fibers adapt and create more forceful compression on the bone, the bone will respond.
  • Site specific exercises based on the Liftmor protocol and adapted for home workouts
Two elderly fitness girlfriends working out together on beach.

Muscle Strength

  • Warming up should not be ignored, prepare your tissues for load
  • Adding more weight (aka progressive loading) to safely provide enough time under tension to build more muscle
  • A tutorial on exactly how to progressively load even if you are starting with resistance bands
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Whole Body Mobility

  • Finding your range of motion and boundaries
  • Eccentric loading is an excellent way to increase your range of motion 
  • Own your range of motion with muscle strength

We can age gracefully together!

What you get in Bone Boot Camp:

Bone Boot Camp is set up to be self paced, you move through at you own speed.

  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with Sarah (recording sent to you afterwards)
  • Introduction to adding weights video
  • 7 Foundations videos
  • 6 Before You Lift videos
  • A Warm Up video
  • 9 Lifting Exercise videos
  • Full Lifting Sequence video
  • Modifications videos
  • Bonus videos
  • Resources page

All at your fingertips. 

Let’s get you stronger, together!

BONE BOOT CAMP is designed based on the latest research which tells us that bone strengthening is site specific and requires external load, or weights.

Bone Boot Camp is ONLY $129

Thanks Sarah for all your incredible knowledge. Your program has been amazing and has taught me a new way of caring for my bones.  Much thanks for being such an inspiration for women on a subject no one really talks about. Keep up the good work.


Just purchased Bone Boot Camp. So far I’ve gone through the Foundations and the Warm Up Series. Sarah has mastered the art of conveying nuances and intricacies with a simplicity of language that clarifies and illuminates the basic movements we thought we understood … but in fact didn’t.

Mel A.

Sarah is an amazing teacher who really knows her stuff.  If you have low bone density or are menopausal/post menopausal and need ideas on how to move or strengthen your body-she is amazing!

Nikki N.

this is a picture of Sarah Purcell

Sarah’s Passion…

I have learned through research and experience the best way to build a reflexive core without taking unnecessary risks.

My passion is to share what I know because all women deserve to feel confident in their body.  Your body has not betrayed you.  We can coach you through finding your patterns that do not serve you now and help you bit by bit reset your patterns and layer on new skills.  We want you to have fun!  Dreading your exercise is not a sustainable way to create a new movement habit.

Movement has given me freedom and I want the same for you!

Bone Boot Camp is ONLY $129

Bone Boot Camp helps women who have been diagnosed with low bone density. If, like me, you do not feel comfortable in a gym setting, you can use this video program in the comfort of your own home.

We start without weight and show you how to perfect the foundational movements before you begin to progressively load your exercises.  The body adapts to load at any age.(research has proven this)  In the beginning we are doing movements that prepare you to lift weight or add load.  After that we will use resistance bands and small weights like soup cans or small water bottles or 1 to 2 lb weights.  Over time you can increase the weight you use.  I even tell you how to know where to start and how to know when to progress!

I will teach you how to breath for core engagement and how to create core stability.  In addition, I show you some key ways to find greater mobility in your shoulders before you start adding much load to them.  We also give you a lesson on each important foundational concept before you start to learn the “loaded” exercises.

It would be a huge disappointment for my clients if in the quest for bone strength they started to experience pelvic floor dysfunction, such as leaking.  We work on how your breath can help you manage your intra abdominal pressure and thus assist you when you add weight to your movements.

I know that one of my biggest mistakes over the years has been to skip the warmup because I thought I did not have time.  I have learned that sometimes I am ok after skipping a warm up, but over time, there has always been paying back the timekeeper when a little injury or achiness sidelines me for a week.  I provide you with a 14 minute warm up here that you can use in part or as a whole to help you be prepared for the loads you will carry.

The Liftmor protocols created amazing results in Australia over the years that the studies were conducted on women and separately on men.  I used the protocol and adapted it for home use and added a little wrist strength as I felt it was missing.  My 9 exercises were chosen to add tolad to the sites that need bone strength in particular as we age.

We house Bone Boot Camp with accessally because of its flexibility and ease of use.