Client Reviews

You are FANTASTIC. You are SO warm & kind. You demystify fitness for women over 40( or 50 :))- being in your membership not only am I encouraged & get great fitness videos- I get YOU. You are my trainer! I come to you for help on this and that.. and you help me! The issue I had with my feet and ankles- GONE! That is priceless- our health is essential! You are fabulous- don't sell- SERVE (with Love).

Kathy T

Thanks Sarah for all your incredible knowledge. Your program has been amazing and has taught me a new way of caring for my bones.  Much thanks for being such an inspiration for women on a subject no one really talks about. Keep up the good work.

Stephanie A

Just purchased Bone Boot Camp. So far I’ve gone through the Foundations and the Warm Up Series. Sarah has mastered the art of conveying nuances and intricacies with a simplicity of language that clarifies and illuminates the basic movements we thought we understood … but in fact didn’t. She has taken her vast experience and staggeringly comprehensive understanding of anatomy, extracts the essential information, and delivers it in the most user-friendly way I’ve ever experienced.

betsy g.

Since being diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago, I have struggled with balancing my desire to build strength and mobility in my spine with my concern that some exercises may put fragile bones at risk.  I am so thrilled that I discovered the Bone Boot Camp Short and Sweet.  Sarah is an inspirational teacher, and her weekly format allows you to challenge yourself at your own pace.  While the Bone Boot Camp is designed for people with low bone density, I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to age gracefully and maintain an active lifestyle!


Anyone with experience with the multitudes of fitness/wellness/physical therapist instructors out there will know within the first few minutes that they are in the hands of a master. And not just for those of us considering bone health but anyone who wants to finally understand the basics of movement which are the foundation of any fitness program. I can’t wait to go through the rest of the series! I am reminded of a comment I once heard Paul Newman make when asked if he had been faithful to his wife Joanne Woodward; ‘Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?' Thank you Sarah for sharing your immense gifts and putting this gem out there for all!

melissa norris