Here are some common questions I am asked about my sessions, programs, pricing and more.  

Do you only do online sessions?

No, I have a robust practice in Delary Beach , Florida where I meet with women one on one.

Do you offer packages?


30 minute sessions are $60.  A package of 5 costs $270.. A package of 10 Costs $480.

60 minute sessions are $120.  A package of 5 costs $540.  A package of 10 costs $960.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, At this time, movement sessions are not qualified for Insurance.

How long are your programs?

Bone Boot Camp is a course broken up into modules,  You can progress through the foundations at your own pace.  The weightlifting lessons (about 7 minutes each) are separated into “how to” videos for each Lift.  There is a weightlifting flow video that is 40 minutes long.

Short & Sweet with Sarah provides 3 to 9 minute videos in a 57 week series that will continue to grow.

As you grow or update each program, will I need to pay more?

No, the price you pay is a one time fee for Bone Boot Camp.  The monthly fee for Short & Sweet with Sarah is locked in for life at the price you paid when you signed up.

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