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The Freedom of Movement Bundle

We are very happy that you have decided to let us share with you a sample of a path you can take to begin to connect with your core in a way that enables you to go on to build stronger bones.  Our Calendar lays out a month log program that will open up the possibilities for better breathing, movement and strength going forward.  

Sarah Purcell Movement has more opportunities to offer you all year long if you enjoy this bundle.  If any one exercise or suggestion is confusing to you, do not hesitate to reach out to Sarah for assistance!

1. Read the disclaimer. Talk to your doctor before you participate in this program.

2. Begin the Breathing and Your Spine video and repeat it if things are unclear to you. The concepts in this video are essential to understand before you start adding strength work..

3. The Warm Up video is scheduled on various days, but you can always do it or portions of it before you walk or exercise! If you have a warm up you like better than mine, please take note of the areas of the body I warm up in my video and try to hit all the same areas.

4. The videos focus on the largest components of a good functional strategy for core strength and Mobility but it is not exhaustive.  Short & Sweet with Sarah is the membership that takes you through absolutely every single knowledge nugget in my toolkit!

5. Always remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. If you only have time for a warm up and 1 exercise or a calf stretch and half a video, do not skip it! Do it! Studies have shown that even the smallest of changes in our movement patterns can have benefits.

6. The meditations are totally optional but stress reduction is NOT.  You may have a breathing practice (I do) that works like a meditation for you or another type of stress reducing routine that you already love.  I am suggesting that for this month, make it a priority to do something for yourself in this category.

7.  The calendar is here to help you make progress.  Obviously, it is up to you to find a pace or rhythm that makes sense to you.  I would like you to take a look at it to see how I start you at the beginning and take you progressively through a learning process and skill building process.

The Videos

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Breathing & Your Spine

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Core Work To Support You

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Begin To Work On Planks

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Restorative Movement

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Freedom of Movement Warm-Up

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All About the Core & Mobility

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Sculpt & Strength Sampler

The Meditations

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Do you have questions about the program or would you like to book a session for extra support?
You can email me at

sarahpurcellmovement@gmail.com. Thank you!