Gut Health: Build a Strong Core
Gut Health: Build a strong core

Almost everyone over the age of 50 has heard their doctor or a friend's doctor recommend a stronger core as an antidote to many aches and pains of the back or hips or legs or shoulder.

If you have been dealing with gut issues in addition to aches and pains that we associate with aging. Diving straight into a belly burning exercise routine is not an optimal strategy for long term pain free movement.

Now that you are addressing bloating or other abdominal issues, you are in a perfect place to change how you approach your core strength.

What makes this core package different:

* work comes from a place of ease first
* Breathing and posture are the foundation
* Getting to know your own pelvis is key
* With a great foundation you will discover that stability leads to strength
* Restorative poses are as important as the "work"
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