Gut Health:

Build a Strong Core

Why is Gut Health:
Build a Strong Core so important?

Almost everyone over the age of 50 has heard their doctor or a friend’s doctor recommend a stronger core as an antidote to many aches and pains of the back or hips or legs or shoulder. Yet, those same doctors are vague about how to accomplish a strong core safely.

If you have been dealing with gut issues in addition to aches and pains that we associate with aging I can help fill in the gaps. Diving straight into a belly burning exercise routine is not an optimal strategy for long term pain free movement. Very few medical practitioners are well versed in the nuances of core strategy for post menopausal women.

Why is it so important?

Your core stabilizes your body, allowing you to move in any direction as well as having proper balance. It helps prevent falls and supports your body. So having a strong core is beneficial to everyone because it allows your body to function properly. Improved Balance and Stability are big wins that come from a stronger core!

…Will you teach me to stregthen my core?

Now that you are addressing bloating or other abdominal issues, you are in a perfect place to change how you approach your core strength.

And my Gut Health: Build a Strong Core will take you through workouts that simplify the process of building a strong core while paying attention to all of the nuances of the post menopausal gut.

What if you could reduce aches & pains, better stability and increase your confidence?

You can with this dynamically designed program that focuses on just that.

What makes this core package different?
  • Work comes from a place of ease first

  • Breathing and posture are the foundation

  • Getting to know your own pelvis is key

  • With a great foundation you will discover that stability leads to strength

  • Restorative poses are as important as the “work”
What will you get for the $79…
this is a picture of sara purcell during a workout to build strength

30 Videos you can access at any time:

  • Gut Health Intro

  • 4 videos on Core

  • 5 videos on the Pelvis

  • 6 videos on Core Stability

  • 6 videos on Core Strength

  • 3 videos on Breathing

  • 5 videos on Restorative

this is a picture of Sarah Purcell

A Tracking Sheet that lays out how to progress through the videos

This downloadable PDF will show you the suggested progress when using the videos. However, feel free to modify to fit what you need.

So many people have had success with us!

Just purchased!

Sarah has mastered the art of conveying nuances and intricacies with a simplicity of language that clarifies and illuminates the basic movements we thought we understood … but in fact didn’t.

She has taken her vast experience and staggeringly comprehensive understanding of anatomy, extracts the essential information, and delivers it in the most user-friendly way I’ve ever experienced.

– Melissa N

I’m so proud of myself!

“I am gratified and excited to see that in one week of rhomboid push-ups that I have more mobility but also more strength.  If you remember, last week I said I can not do a plank and you made some suggestions for my focus and completing rhomboid push up week.  Wow, you were right, I did a plank!  A year ago, I was in massive pain from a vertebral fracture.  I am so proud of myself.” 

~Julie K

Ok I’ve being foot & calf stretches regularly now for 1 week.

HUGE improvement, MUCH less edema.

Doing more all over stretches now.

Finding the videos in Short & Sweet very helpful!

-Kathy T

I know I’m in good hands with you.

I was so afraid of movement after being told I had osteoporosis I stopped exercising. I am so grateful to have fund you Sarah!

I’m taking baby steps and learning how to move my body in a safe way while building up my strength and confidence. No marathons yet, however you never know in the future. I know I’m in good hands with you! Thank you.

-Chloe H

Thanks Sarah for all your incredible knowledge. Your program has been amazing and has taught me a new way of caring for my bones.  Much thanks for being such an inspiration for women on a subject no one really talks about. Keep up the good work.

-Stephanie A

Short and Sweet is such a joy!  Love this Sarah, so subtle and powerful at the same time.


Sarah’s Passion…



I have learned through research and experience the best way to build a reflexive core without taking unnecessary risks.


My passion is to share what I know because all women deserve to feel confident in their body.  Your body has not betrayed you.  We can coach you through finding your patterns that do not serve you now and help you bit by bit reset your patterns and layer on new skills.  We want you to have fun!  Dreading your exercise is not a sustainable way to create a new movement habit.  

Movement has given me freedom and I want the same for you!