Are You Ready To Age Gracefully
& Keep Your Legs + Hips Strong & Mobile?

Then it’s time you discover

These 13 exercises will help you end the cycle of
stiff hips and get back to the things you love.
  • Playing with your grandchildren
  • Getting up & down from the floor with ease
  • Sitting in a chair without slumping & struggling to remain upright
  • Enjoying the activities you have always loved

Happy Hips is a video based program for developing strong and mobile hips.  Painful hips are often the result of a limited range of motion of the leg in the hip socket and accessory muscles doing the work that the muscles responsible for locomotion should be doing.

…Do you remember The Good Ole Days of Exercise


There is a constant world of advancing research and exercise science for core stability and strength and mobility.

Old ways of looking at breathing are still being taught in gyms and yoga classes, but I will bring you the most effective way to breath for a reflexive core that is science based.

There are more NEW and EXCITING ways of doing things that I will show you!

  • Learn the mechanical reason you need strong and mobile legs.
  • Let that knowledge motivate you to master each of the skills set out for you in Sarah’s videos.
  • Learn release techniques and strengthening exercises
  • Learn hip mobility movements
  • Enjoy 13 videos that are movement sessions as well as lessons.

What's Included in the Happy Hips Bundle?

  • Introduction to Happy Hips
  • Hip Listing
  • Walking Mechanics for Happy Hips & Strong Bones
  • OP Safe Psoas Release
  • Hips: Lengthen, Strengthen & Communicate
  • Hips: Strengthen & Lengthen Part 2
  • Get your Glutes to Support You
  • Ramp up your Squats for your Glutes & Get a Balance Challenge
  • A Break for your Bum & then Work it
  • All Standing Tight Hip Work
  • Hip Cars for Mobility
  • Hip Extension with Core Stabilization
  • Hip Hinge Mechanics for Hip Health

Members love our way of doing things…

No more hip pain! I was astonished to notice how my hip/bottom pain was gone within a month.
You truly saved me! “I can not tell you how much your videos have meant to me. After my compression fractures were healed, I did not get any direction from my healthcare providers about how to begin exercising again. Along with COVID limiting in person coaching, you truly saved me!”
Finally some great direction… Thank you so much Sarah, it seems like I was diagnosed with bone densitity issues, however no one gave any direction as to the next steps. I am so glad Chloe introduced you to me I finally have some great directions to build my bones.

…because they get simple & easy exercises that build on each other for increased strength & mobility

Movement has given me freedom & I want the same for you!

Meet Sarah...

I have learned through research and experience the best way to build a reflexive core without taking unnecessary risks. I am certified by Buff Bones® to teach exercise for osteoporosis and I have completed hours of courses with experts like Sara Meeks and Dr. Stuart McGill.


My passion is to share what I know because all women deserve to feel confident in their body.  Your body has not betrayed you.  We can coach you through finding your patterns that do not serve you now and help you bit by bit reset your patterns and layer on new skills.  We want you to have fun!  Dreading your exercise is not a sustainable way to create a new movement habit.  

Movement has given me freedom and I want the same for you!