Lift Your Way To Healthy Bones

with Sarah Purcell
How to use the 3 key movement types to promote strong bones when you have osteoporosis…

Muscle Strength

Whole Body Mobility


In This Webinar You Will…

During this Free Webinar, Sarah will discuss the importance & need for us to add more movement and weights/strength training to our workout routines to build our bone strength.

It’s time to learn how to CORRECTLY lift weight and the importance of adding weight to your workouts to stregthen your bones when you have osteoporosis.

Are you ready to discover the use of weights for osteoporosis?

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The Biggest Question About Weightlifting with osteoporosis…

Many of us have heard or read that ‘strength training ” is a key to naturally improving your bones.

Frequently I get asked, how much weight do I need to lift to build bone.

There is not one answer for everyone because it completely depends on where you are starting.

  • Do you have a good core strategy?
  • Do you have a good sense of what a neutral spine is for you?
  • Can you hinge with a neutral spine?
  • Can you squat and maintain a neutral spine?

When we establish some basic fundamental principles, then we can choose the right way for you to begin strength training.

  • Would you like to get your personal answers to these questions?
  • Would you like to choose your first resistance or weighted exercise?

By the end of this workshop you will know how to use weight & the importance of adding weight to your workouts, especially if you have osteoporosis or at risk for it.

It’s time we all remain active and age gracefully no matter our age or diagonisis. 

From Our Members Perspective…

I love the way you teach,  especially with so much detail about each exercise and  the benefits and the many variations.  Your dedication and commitment are very evident. All the options are there in front of us, and it is wonderful that you are so available to give help and advice.  The Strong Bones – Healthy Body membership is very supportive, and gives us all we need to figure out what will work for us as individuals.

Joy R.

I think Sarah’s Build Better Bones program is excellent, even for someone with a lifting background like me (I used to do powerlifting). She has done the homework for all of us, by looking at the research on exercise for building bone density and she bases much of what she has put together on the Liftmor program from Australia that is top notch, but not really possible to replicate at home. Her program IS something that is safe to do at home and Sarah is an excellent teacher. She pays very careful attention to alignment and doing moves safely from an osteopenia/osteoporosis perspective. She also gives weekly coaching calls, where you can ask questions. I have found those calls to be very helpful.


Just purchased Bone Boot Camp. So far I’ve gone through the Foundations and the Warm Up Series. Sarah has mastered the art of conveying nuances and intricacies with a simplicity of language that clarifies and illuminates the basic movements we thought we understood … but in fact didn’t. She has taken her vast experience and staggeringly comprehensive understanding of anatomy, extracts the essential information, and delivers it in the most user-friendly way I’ve ever experienced.

Betsy G.

Meet Your Webinar Host…

Before I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I moved to Florida and met many women who were afraid to continue to take pilates classes because they were diagnosed with osteoporosis. I invested in my future and got certified in the Buff-Bones® , a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health.  Around that time I was experiencing a piriformis syndrome issue as well as intermittent low back pain and hamstring tendinopathy.  I dug deeper into studying the human body in  the course of healing. In my quest, I discovered Katy Bowman’s biomechanics approach to movement and alignment. The calf stretch alone resolved my lateral hip aches! 


I met Lauren Ohayon and found that the Restore Your Core® method helped me find resolution to all the little aches and pains of perimenopause. I did not have pelvic floor dysfunction, but I was certainly dealing with pain that originated in some unhelpful alignment and movement patterns. Through Restore Your Core, I was able to retrain these habits and discover a life free from aches and pain.​I went on to become certified to teach the Restore Your Core Method.

 As I healed, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I knew from my research that it was time to switch from all the safe tiny movements of rehab and stability to the bigger complex movements of strength training.  It is there that my results for my bone strength and muscle resilience took a long term turn for the better.

I added onto my body of knowledge taking courses from Sara Meeks and other leaders in the osteoporosis teacher education field.  I worked with a strength coach throughout this time.  I combined what I learned with my research on protocols for bone strengthening backed by science.

I created Bone Boot Camp for Osteoporosis specifically. I successfully reversed my osteoporosis with weight bearing activity, and Bone Boot Camp was created to promote bone growth. I even reversed my own osteoporosis diagnosis into osteopenia ( click the link to see my DEXA scores) by committing to the exercise program I’ll share with you in Bone Boot Camp!

I enjoy working one-on-one with clients to assess and tailor a program for them. I work with clients in-person in Florida, and online via Zoom. I also act as a coach who meets periodically with a client who is doing any of the online programs that I am certified in.  

My goal is to spread the word that aging does not have to mean core and pelvic floor dysfunction and aches and pains that keep coming back. You can grow stronger and healthier as you age! 

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