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“There’s no reason women can not age gracefully as we manage our bone & joint health”

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My story:

Although I was already licensed instructor of Buff Bones®, teaching movement to women with osteopenia and osteoporosis, my personal journey became intertwined with my professional skills when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2016. I created Bone Boot Camp for women to learn to weightlift for osteoporosis at home. Hundreds of women are doing just that and are thrilled!

But many women told me they were not ready to weightlift. They described a “weak core” or a “lazy core” and oftentimes, persistent back or shoulder pain. I knew I could help them too! I designed Short & Sweet with Sarah for them. This easy to follow membership takes women on a simple journey to core stability and strength, along with whole body mobility.

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Sarah’s Movement with Osteoporosis Programs

Sarah has created a series of self-paced courses/memberships to help you create an exercise plan that is simple to do and safe to do when you have osteoporosis.

Sarah takes you from the basic Core Strength – Mobility – Stability to adding weights and resistance to your plan.

There is no reason we can’t age gracefully and build our bones, if you have the right direction.

You have found that place!

Short & Sweet With Sarah Membership

Gut Health: Build a Strong Core

The Bone Boot Camp Program (one time fee)

Strong Bones ~ Healthy Body Membership

Freedom of Movement Bundle

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