Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 10: Sarah talks with Dr. Andrea Moore

Sarah Interviews Dr Andrea Moore A Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in helping women who are in pain. Dr. Andrea Moore is a mom, a wife, and a recovering health perfectionist.

About Dr Andrea Moore: Dr. Andrea Moore is a mom, a wife, and a recovering health perfectionist. Her entire career path has been based on trying to fix everything she felt was wrong with her—from chronic pain, bloating, gas, post-concussive syndrome, brain fog, anxiety, depression, PMS, and ADD—all by the age of 26. She refused to accept these as her norm. But trying to get better and healthy felt exhausting, restricting, and impossible. It took her over 15 years to feel like a healthy lifestyle came naturally—and more importantly—wasn’t a soul suck.

Along the way, she became a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, a Nutritional Therapist, and a Life Coach. It took her all of that to figure out how to feel energized, healthy, and get past her pain while feeling comfortable in her body. While it took her years of exhausting work, she learned crucial
lessons and skills that now allow her to help remove the mental load
and burden off others on their journey to living a life that is not
restricted by pain. She now helps other overwhelmed women suffering
from chronic pain, achieve a healthy lifestyle that feels like part of
who they are, and runs (relatively!) smoothly in the background of
their life, while focusing on the things that matter: family, friends,
and finding joy in life through different passions.

Together, with Dr. Moore, it is possible to transform your days by
freeing yourself from the burden of chronic pain.  It is time to drop
the struggle and find yourself guided to a place that is full of joy,
confidence, energy & health.


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