Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 8: Sarah Interviews Sylvie Patrick

Sarah Interviews Sylvie Patrick, a fitness professional who educates other professionals as well as her own private clients. Sarah focuses on Sylvie’s role as a consultant for Power Plate (whole body vibration.) Sarah and Sylvie discuss the technology behind the vibration platform as well as the applications for older adults. Sarah draws out the difference between using whole body vibration training and low vibration therapy for osteoporosis.

Show Notes: 

1:20- introduction Sylvie introduction and background of power plate development for injury prevention and recovery in Europe

3:31- teaching young athletes all the way to clients in their 90’s

4:40 Sylvie teaches active aging clients

5:09 Circulation benefits – you can purchase any power plate

6:28 moving in 3 planes such as in power plate mimics the balance challenges of natural movement of humans on earth.

7:45 demonstration of water in a bottle on the platform

9:43 who should not use a power plate or other vibration platform

10:30 rehabilitation for spine and muscles and injuries or joint replacement should be done under the assistance of rehab professional versus training for athletic fitness

13:01 is there a protocol for OP and vibration?

14:00 increasing the results of rehab exercises by adding vibration

15:00 training on the power plate demonstration.  Standing squats is first movement.  Get ready position versus locked out knees.

18:00- static squat or pulsing and finally dynamic squat to extension

19:57- discussion the idea of transferring body weight to ball of the foot versus the weight bearing posterior push off.  Removing fascial tension from going all the way up to the brain.  Stimulation for 30 seconds to enhance or warm up before a walk on the ground.  Helps to release tension.

24:07- use vibration platform to warm up hip hinge with Hamstring stretch. This is a 30 seconds stretch.  Before and after.

26:01- how to psoas stretch using platform and a lunge with one foot on the platform.  You can add arm movement.

28:00 working the wrists.  Standing off platform and holding the strap.

31:00- planks

31:50 – bridge with feet on platform

33:20- our body can get much stimulation with a simple plan of 5 exercises that are simple to do daily.

34:00- amplitudes and hertz

37:00- Your goals and which platform you may choose.

Here is the article she referred to

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