Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 9: Sarah talks with Melissa MacDonald

Melissa E. MacDonald DC ICSC CCSP® NREMT FAKTR ART® talks with Sarah Purcell about the nature of Chiropractic care and whether it is appropriate for patients with Osteoporosis. Melissa shares her personal experience with patients with osteoporosis and how that has shaped her continuing education. Melissa gives listeners a framework for decision making about Chiropractic care when your bone density is low.
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1:36 Melissa speaks about her goal of doing research so that she can take care of clients.

2:06 You are an athlete even if it is playing in the backyard with grandchildren

2:57 Melissa’s traumatic experience with a client who unknown to her had osteoporosis and the research she did after the “incident.”

6:01 What we can do as potential clients when considering Chiropractic care.

8:50 The patient needs to be the hero of the story.  The chiropractor is the “helper.”

10:00 When a client is not the right fit for a chiropractor.  Referring out to an acupuncture or massage therapy specialist.

11:18 Scoliosis and chiropractic care when a patient finds out they have low bone density

13:13 What is maintenance schedule with a chiropractor.  It is better to know how to maintain at home.  Skills and Drills

16:13 Objects in motion, remain in motion, sir Issac newton.  Recovery happens best with maintaining ability to move.

17:35 What are Emergency procedures in chiropractic care?

21:15 Multi licensed and or post graduate certifications chiropractors  are important for our well being.  They will have techniques that can be used with clients with low bone density.

23:41 Goals and progression based on the clients objectives.

26:00 The difference between a physical therapist and a chiropractor. Certifications that shows the Chiropractor emphasizes movement.  CCSP, ICSC, CSCS CERTIFICATIONS.

28:00 Rehab to fitness program that Melissa practices.

30:00 We are athletic!

31:50 Melissa invites listeners to reach out to her and she will help you find a

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