The Bone Boot Camp Podcast

with Sarah Purcell

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I reversed my diagnosis with nutrition and weight bearing exercise. It took a lot of research and work to gather all of the information that researchers have made available, but I love research, so it was natural for me.

I created two movement programs for women to share the path I created for myself, so they do not need to do 2 years of research as well as constant update searches.

At the end of 2020 I started doing video interviews to share with my members. I chose to interview individuals who are doing something in their work or life that contains some golden nuggets for my audience of gracefully aging women.

I really enjoyed the interviews and started dreaming up a list of all the people I would like to interview to share information about living your best life as you age. Of course, my specific focus is skeleton safe movement and promoting bone growth. But there is so much more that I have learned in my research that I feel compelled to share it! 

My interviews cover all the major factors in healthy aging.  I talk to experts about the practical things you can do today for your bones, your brain, your heart and your gut.

A podcast seemed to me to be the obvious evolution of my interviews.

It has been quite an undertaking but so much fun!

Episode #1 
Sarah’s Why Bone Boot Camp &
Her Personal Plan

I started the podcast because I have a message I want to share with women.  In this introductory episode, I tell my story of going from fearful and embarrassed about my osteoporosis diagnosis to fiercely confident about my future.

My curious mind propelled me to look at what I can do myself before I tried pharmaceuticals.  My search did not veer into alternative medicine but rather exercise and nutrition as well as sleep and mindset. More…

Podcast-Katy-lush (1)
Episode #2 
A conversation with Katy Lush,
a natural movement expert

In this episode Sarah interviews Katy Lush of Lush Living. Katy is a fitness expert and owner of Chicago River North Pilates studio since 2004. She’s on a mission to get more people moving – so they can lead less sedentary lives and reap the health benefits of accessible, restorative, and sustainable movement habits. A Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, GYROTONIC® Trainer, Certified Movement Analyst and Restorative Exercise Specialist (with a background as a retired dancer, pre-Olympic gymnast and trapeze artist!), Katy believes in making exercise something that any person at any age can do. More…
Podcast-Lisa Feiner
Episode #3 
A conversation with Lisa Feiner, co-founder of Sharp Again Naturally

Sarah interviews Lisa Feiner, one of the cofounders of Sharp Again Naturally a not for profit is a wholistic wellness coach and all around smart problem solver. Lisa was one of the original group of founders who learned about individuals who had been diagnosed with dementia and recovered their cognition. Given her background, it made sense that the rise in Alzheimer’s Disease reflected changes in diet, lifestyle and the environment. Lisa is a leader in helping individuals and doctors get the newest information on how to reverse memory loss naturally. Lisa gives critical and practical pointers on what we can do TODAY to reverse memory loss. More…

Episode 4:
A conversation with Tammie Bennett

In this episode Sarah interviews Tammie Bennett is a mindset coach, running coach and host of the show up society podcast. She ran cross-country and track for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has been coaching runners of all ages for over 12 years. She loves taking what she learns from her athletes and using it to help people show up for themselves even in the tiniest way so they can achieve their big, bananas goals. Tammie has kept at least one tiny, daily habit for over 9 years, including the year she sprinted for 10 seconds a day and posted it to instagram. In her coaching business, she helps people find the blocks that are keeping them stuck so they can get rid of them and achieve their goals. More…


Episode #5  
A conversation with Irma Jennings & Skully

Sarah interviews Irma Jennings. Irma Jennings, INHC, went from the boardroom on Wall Street to the cutting board in her kitchen after returning to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2003. Her diagnosis of osteopenia in 2005 inspired her to create her company, Food for Healthy Bones™.

She is happy to report her bones are strong. For the past 13 years, Irma has blogged monthly on Food for Healthy Bones. More…


Episode 6
Ecolight Medical a new technology
for bone scans

In this episode Sarah interviews experts from Echolight

Although the Echolight technology has been around for over 10 years, Sarah only heard about it in the last 6 months when Echolight S.p.a. Opened a US office.

When Sarah heard about the first clinically available method for the direct non-ionizing(no radiation) measurement of lumbar and femoral bone mineral density (BMD) she knew there was an amazing new opportunity for preventative action and reliable decision making. More…


Episode #7  
A solo episode with Sarah – Osteoporosis Returns

In this solo episode Sarah discusses her evolving bone density journey, her discover of a technology that gave her an accurate bone quality assessment and how she believes it will change our approach to bone health for humans! More…


Episode 8
Sarah interviews Sylvie Patrick, a fitness professional.

Sarah Interviews Sylvie Patrick,
a fitness professional who educates other professionals as well as her own private clients. Sarah focuses on Sylvie’s role as a consultant for Power Plate (whole body vibration.) Sarah and Sylvie discuss the technology behind the vibration platform as well as the applications for older adults. Sarah draws out the difference between using whole body vibration training and low vibration therapy for osteoporosis. More…


Episode #9  
Sarah chats with Melissa E. MacDonald DC ICSC CCSP® NREMT FAKTR ART®
about the nature of chiropractic care when you have osteoporosis

In this episode Sarah and Melissa talk about whether it is appropriate for patients with Osteoporosis. Melissa shares her personal experience with patients with osteoporosis and how that has shaped her continuing education. Melissa gives listeners a framework for decision making about Chiropractic care when your bone density is low. More…


Episode 10
Sarah talks with Dr. Andrea Moore, Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Sarah Interviews Dr Andrea Moore A Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in helping women who are in pain. Dr. Andrea Moore is a mom, a wife, and a recovering health perfectionist. More…


Episode #11
Sarah chats with Nikki Naab-Levy on this episode. Nikki is a Pilates teacher
and so much more.

Nikki has a strong practice of teaching Pilates and strength and mobility to individuals to suit their current fitness level.

In this episode Sarah and Melissa talk about whether it is appropriate for patients with Osteoporosis. Melissa shares her personal experience with patients with osteoporosis and how that has shaped her continuing education. Melissa gives listeners a framework for decision making about Chiropractic care when your bone density is low. More…