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"There's no reason women can not age gracefully as we manage our bone & joint health."


Strong Bones ~ Healthy Body
$27/month membership

  • Library of Videos:  low impact cardio, cardio and sculpt, strength and sculpt, resistance bands routines, shapes and weights classes, miscellaneous fun with unique props, bonus videos with assessments and instruction, warm up videos
  • A video library of low bone density aware videos for individuals who already have a good core strategy.
  • Monthly membership, stay as long or short as suits you…however I am constantly updating the library with new workouts, you will want to stay for years!

$27 per


Bone Boot Camp

$129 one time payment

Bone Boot Camp is easy-to-use exercise program that not only promotes bone density & builds muscle strength, but bolsters your health & confidence too. BONE BOOT CAMP is designed based on the latest research which tells us that bone strengthening is site specific and requires external load, or weights.

Focusing on Core Strength, Muscle Strength, Bone Strength and Whole Body Mobility. 

This is the basic to begin your journey of adding weights to your workouts in a skeleton safe manner and increasing the weight in a way beneficial to your body.


Freedom of Movement

$27 one time payment

  • Warm up with ease and know you are ready to exercise
  • Easy and engaging exploration of your breath for pelvic floor health and bone building
  • Core work to support your movement
  • Safe way to lubricate your joints and build strength
  • fun exercise class using weights
  • Restorative movement class for low bone density
  • 3 short meditations to help you build a new strong path to bone health
  • A short ease yourself into sleep meditation
  • one month planner for your exercise & rest routine
  • photo guide for calf stretching

Bone Basics

$19 one time payment

What would change for you if you could begin an active wellness journey with confidence?

  • Strength and muscle power for balance
  • Strength for up and down from floor
  • Endurance for an active day with family and grandchildren
  • Mechanics for pain free activities

Sometimes we just need to know where to start!

This library contains 27 videos specific to you safely beginning your wellness journey.

Gut Health: Build a Strong Core

$79 one time payment

Almost everyone over the age of 50 has heard their doctor or a friend’s doctor recommend a stronger core as an antidote to many aches and pains of the back or hips or legs or shoulder.

If you have been dealing with gut issues in addition to aches and pains that we associate with aging. Diving straight into a belly burning exercise routine is not an optimal strategy for long term pain free movement.

Now that you are addressing bloating or other abdominal issues, you are in a perfect place to change how you approach your core strength.

Happy Hips Program

$27 one time payment

Happy Hips is a video based program for developing strong and mobile hips.  Painful hips are often the result of a limited range of motion of the leg in the hip socket and accessory muscles doing the work that the muscles responsible for locomotion should be doing.

Work Personally with Sarah

HH 4


1 hour Movement Session


You already are comfortable working out on your own, but you would like some more exercises before you plateau and to challenge yourself!

woman 3


Assessment & exercise class custom tailored to your needs.


  • Complete Sarah’s assessments in advance of your session
  • Sarah will create a movement session tailored to fit your needs /75 minute session
  • Receive a recording of your session with Sarah and a list of exercises that are just for you. 
  • Sarah’s Monthly Exercise Planner (for you to download and use daily)
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Private assessment – movement session & custom workout videos & plan


  • Complete Sarah’s assessments in advance of your session
  • Sarah will create a movement session tailored to fit expand on the findings of the assessments 60 minutes
  • Receive a recording of your session 
  • Receive an expanded tailor made exercise plan, video based on the assessment & the live class made just for you. 
    • The video can be
      • one 50 minute class recording created by Sarah just for you
      • Or 2, 25 minute unique classes created by Sarah for you that are  intended to be used on alternate days
  • Sarah’s Monthly Exercise Planner (for you to download and use daily)

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