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Discover the simple and effective solution to your biggest challenge


…even if you’ve never had any success before.


We’ll show you the easier way to achieve your goal!

Logical framework for step by step progress

We love our way of doing things because we have chunked down the material into a logical layering of skills in the optimal order for building mobility and strength with low bone density.

We assess where you are and help you target the blockers to success as well!

You do not need to commit hours of exercise to the point of pain

I have learned through research and experience the best way to build a reflexive core without taking unnecessary risks.

My passion is to share what I know because all women deserve to feel confident in their body.  Your body has not betrayed you.  We can coach you through finding your patterns that do not serve you now and help you bit by bit reset your patterns and layer on new skills.  We want you to have fun!  Dreading your exercise is not a sustainable way to create a new movement habit.  Join me in the workshop where my goal is for you to have fun and a few aha moments as well whether you join my membership or now!

Movement has given me freedom and I want the same for you!

Why we love what we do…

Learn new skills in manageable bite sized portions

Layer new skills at the right time

Layer the skills in an order that supports your body

Support you, our clients in real time

Bring you interviews with experts in the field

Answer questions live

Develop a sharing and caring community of support

Provide you with new fun material that makes getting fit fun!

I am loving “seeing” you when I do my morning workouts! 
You are super helpful and knowledgeable. 
I am really happy I’m doing Short and Sweet and I know I’m in good hands
with your research and expertise.
~Gayle Morrison


Things have changed over the years

There is a constant world of advancing research and exercise science for core stability and strength and mobility.

Old ways of looking at breathing are still being taught in gyms and yoga classes, but I will bring you the most effective way to breath for a reflexive core that is science based.

There are more NEW and EXCITING ways of doing things that I will show you!

Women often struggle with exercising

We help you get unstuck…

We show you the path, the way to core fitness and we act as your guide. 
We want you to find exercising to not be a chore, but a fun, quick habit to add consistently into your day. 
That is why Short and Sweet’s videos are 5 to 10 minutes for the most part. 

We will not overwhelm you with 100 things to do or remember!

Let us show you the easier way

Short & Sweet with Sarah is a unique membership taking you from foundations to stability and then mobility and strength in a logical format.

Our step by step and Stage by Stage program will be the easiest and most digestible way to learn new skills and refresh old ones.
It is not a course, it is a self paced membership with coaching included.
This is why we are only open 4 times a year because there is a lot of coaching to be done in the membership and we want to be all in for you!
We have put all Sarah’s best practices and knowledge bombs in one place!

We’ve put all Sarah’s best practices and knowledge bombs in one place!

Unlock the keys to core stability + discover how to find more upper body mobility + coaching live from Sarah every week

Weekly themes placed in an order that is a logical layering of skills

You will start with self assessments and using a structured worksheet to help you take your findings and choose corrective exercises if needed.  We recommend only choosing 3 at a time.  You can change them whenever you want.  After the foundations you will enter into the weekly content that is organized by theme.  When you finish a stage we recommend that your reassess.  But, again, we do not advocate stressing out, so skip it if you are happy to just move to the next stage.  You are always in control.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Sarah will set up a weekly zoom call that you can hops on and bring your requests.  You can also email her ahead of time if your question is involved.

Private members only Facebook group

You can pop in and ask us and your fellow members for support, ideas or to tell us about your Wins!

this is an image of Sarah Purcell doing effective chair exercise
  • Breathing for Core Engagement

  • Muscle Strength

  • Bone Strengthening

  • Whole Body Mobility

So many people have had success with us!

Just purchased Short & Sweet!

Sarah has mastered the art of conveying nuances and intricacies with a simplicity of language that clarifies and illuminates the basic movements we thought we understood … but in fact didn’t.

She has taken her vast experience and staggeringly comprehensive understanding of anatomy, extracts the essential information, and delivers it in the most user-friendly way I’ve ever experienced.

– Melissa N

Ok I’ve being foot & calf stretches regularly now for 1 week.

HUGE improvement, MUCH less edema.

Doing more all over stretches now.

Finding the videos in Short & Sweet very helpful!

-Kathy T

Are you wondering if the membership is right for you?

Short & Sweet is a good fit if…


You have a desire to improve your core

You are coachable and you have a can do attitude

You like structure but you want to go at your own pace

You know that Sarah has modifications for all types of issues and she is always willing to address new ones and pop a video in the membership

Short & Sweet is not a good fit if…


You prefer in person one on one training

 You want instant results. Short & Sweet is a stress free step by step process that is fun. BUT, it is not speedy. Consistency + patience = results

You do not believe that you will actually do the videos

You do not think anyone can help you find a way to exercise. You have too many adjustments that would need to be made

Not sure if this is right? Ask a question here before you join…

What you get:

  • Assessment videos so you can pinpoint where you are NOW

  • Worksheets that help you figure out your individual goals

  • 9 videos that teach you the foundational movements of the program (come back to them at any time!)

  • A logical progression of movement videos that move you toward your goals

  • 5 videos per week, 5-10 minutes long, based on a weekly theme

  • Weekly coaching call on Zoom

  • Monthly interviews

  • Notifications regarding new research that may interest you

  • Increased confidence and ability to do the things you love!

Here’s what other people say about Short & Sweet

Thanks Sarah for all your incredible knowledge. Your program has been amazing and has taught me a new way of caring for my bones.  Much thanks for being such an inspiration for women on a subject no one really talks about. Keep up the good work.

-Stephanie A

Short and Sweet is such a joy!  Love this Sarah, so subtle and powerful at the same time.



I have special physical limitations, will this work for me?

Sarah offers modifications throughout the program.  If you feel you have a unique circumstance, write to her now and ask her opinion.  She will tell you whether the program addresses your needs or whether she can troubleshoot your needs and if the program is truly not appropriate , she will be the first to tell you.

I have very little time.

This is perfect for you as it feeds you content in small digestible pieces.

I would like to workout for at least 40 minutes a day. Can i get videos of that length?

You can string a week’s worth of videos together for longer exercise routines.  In addition, Each belt has at least 2 flow videos for a longer blended routine.

What is your refund policy?

You can select quit at any time and you will never pay a monthly fee again

Will I get private time with Sarah?

Only clients who book private appointments get 1 on 1 coaching and movement via zoom but the weekly coaching calls are an excellent opportunity for a direct answer or analysis from Sarah.

Where is your disclaimer?
What is your privacy policy?