Short & Sweet membership

This membership is designed for women with low bone density who want to improve their core strength and their mobility. Swift simple workouts for movement confidence and bone density awareness.



Safe movement for low bone density


Core Strength


Skill building through the use of progressive training


Boosts Mobility


Promotes Balance


Overall Strength

Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis?


Brief daily workouts for an active life

The Short & Sweet membership takes you from the fear of moving to joyful activity with strength and confidence.

What do you get in the Short & Sweet Membership?

 The Short & Sweet membership takes you from the fear of moving to joyful activity with strength and confidence. 

A self assessment!
  • You will be guided through each assessment via video instruction.  We will ask you to record the movements on your phone.  
  • A scoring sheet will give you the landmarks for scoring
  • The final score will tell you from which stage you should start the membership
  • You can choose to start at any stage should you disagree with your assessment
A set of worksheets that make it easy to set up your daily observation and correction routine.
  • You will be guided to recognize your movement gaps.  You will be identifying specific blindspots, 
  • A cheats and targets worksheet will help you select targeted corrective exercises for each blindspot.
  • Choose 3 blindspots to work on during this phase.  We will provide you with a beautiful printout to post in a place that will remind you to follow through daily.
Goals worksheet

The goals worksheet asks a series of questions that are designed to gove you focus for the next section

Placement in a stage of development
  • The self assessment helps you place yourself in a starting stage 
  • The membership stage will be give you exercises that are appropriate for where you are NOW
5 videos each week that are 3-8 minutes in length.

The average length is 6 minutes! 

Weekly themes that build from foundational on Monday to more complex on Friday
  • As an example, the Yellow belt stage starts with an expanded look at breathing as it applies to your core.  
  • The Stages build skills progressively as well.  In the Yellow stage, you begin with breathing and near the end of this stage,  you will be invited to experiment with how everyone can do a pushup whether at a wall or somewhere inbetween the wall and the floor.
Each stage has a logical progression of the weekly themes.
  • We start with mobility and stability and progress to strength as it applies to the stage you are in. 
  • The progression in each stage is purpose built to bring you results.
Flexible programming

You always have the ability to revisit or repeat a week or a stage.

Happy Clients

Ok, I was having Edema after working at my desk for hours, I asked Sarah about it and she suggested Calf stretches and a series of foot stretches that she shared in her group. I’ve being doing the foot & calf stretches regularly now for 1 week. HUGE improvement, MUCH less edema. Doing more all over stretches now. Finding the videos in Short & Sweet very helpful!”


Short and Sweet is just what I needed so that I know I am doing something about my lack of core strength with safety in mind. It is so manageable that I finally feel like I am not failing out of an exercise program!


Sarah is an amazing teacher who really knows her stuff.  If you have low bone density or are menopausal/post menopausal and need ideas on how to move or strengthen your body-she is amazing!