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Keto Almond Joy Recipe

Keto Almond Joy Recipe

Makes about 20 balls 


  • 3/4 cup raw almonds 
  • 1/4 cup raw coconut shavings 
  • 1 cup Medjool dates, chopped 
  • 1/2 cup almond butter 
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract 
  • 2 tsp orange juice 
  • 1 Tbsp almond milk (or alternative)
  • 1 cup melted dark chocolate 
  • 1 cup toasted coconut shavings 
  • 1 pinch sea salt 


  1. Using a food processor, add the three-quarters cup raw almonds to your processor and pulse several times till the almonds are fairly fine, almost resembling sand with just a few chunks left. Add the raw coconut and continue to pulse several times. Add the remaining dates, almond butter, vanilla extract, orange juice, and almond milk to the processor and pulse till the mixture forms a coherent dough-like You may need just a drop more of milk to get your “dough” to combine fully.

    Line a small baking sheet, shape the “dough” into about twenty-one-inch balls, and place them onto the lined sheet. Refrigerate the balls for one hour (or if in a time crunch place them in the freezer for fifteen to twenty minutes).


  1. Meanwhile, toast your coconut shavings till lightly toasted over medium-low heat for about three minutes, tossing frequently so that they brown evenly and do not burn. If you are not using finely shaved coconut, pulse them several times in the food processor and set aside in a shallow bowl. Add a pinch of Malden salt to the coconut and mix to combine.


  1. Once the balls have hardened in the fridge (or freezer), melt your chocolate in the microwave for sixty to ninety seconds, but mix after each thirty second increment. Be sure to mix your chocolate frequently. This will ensure it does not burn and become bitter. Anyone who has burnt their chocolate in the microwave knows exactly what I’m talking about (I learned this the hard way at a young age while attempting to make chocolate cheesecake for the first time). If you’re afraid of using the microwave method, heat a double boiler (bain-marie) and melt your chocolate slowly over the boiling water. This will ensure an even and delicate process, but be sure to still mix the chocolate as it melts all the same.


  1. Working one at a time, roll each almond ball into the melted chocolate. Using a fork remove the ball from the chocolate and then toss it in the coconut shavings so that it’s fully coated. Return the almond joy to the lined baking sheet and repeat this coating process with the remaining almond joys. Once finished, return the sheet to the fridge for at least thirty minutes. Enjoy or store in an air-tight container.


Episode 11: Sarah talks with Nikki Naab-Levy

Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 11: Sarah talks with Nikki Naab-Levy



Sarah interviews Nikki Naab-Levy on this episode. Nikki is a Pilates teacher and so much more. Nikki has a strong practice of teaching Pilates and strength and mobility to individuals to suit their current fitness level.

Nikki and Sarah discuss the common perceptions and misunderstandings about strength training and why all individuals can do it. They also discuss coming back from injury and working out with physical limitations.

Nikki’s Podcast name sums up her ride ranging conversations: Results not Typical!


Nikki Naab-Levy
Women & Strength Training
1:40 Nikki is a 17 year veteran of group fitness training and pilates.  It was after injury and the post rehab rabbit hole that Nikki found strength training.
3:51 The intersection of tightness and strength.  Passive stretching as an incomplete solution.
5:44 We are attracted to things that feel familiar and safe.  This is why we females end up in Pilates and Yoga.  They feel gentle and safe.
6:47 Challenge your body in an intelligent way to build strength and get resilient.  We need to use big global movements like weight lifting.
7:37 The fear of strength training looking and feeling like cross fit.
9:00 Figure out how to load and challenge your system but also do some smaller movements for stability and mobility.
10:51 The pillow fort jail and the pink dumbbell jail
13:25 More is not always better.  Reaching a threshold to induce change but also another threshold where the returns are diminishing and possibly inflammatory.
14:27 Perceived exertion study with heat and sweat, hot yoga.
15:33 The benefits of rest
17:43 Nikki’s clients seek her out for restorative movements but she emphasized that one can post rehab lift weights by introducing low volume with just enough weight to not induce injury issues.
21:33 progressively loading does not mean forever to the point of bulky
24:50 If you tried strength training and it did not work for you.  Do not give up.  It is all a learning process.  You take what did not work and experiment with a different approach with a different coach.  Find the edges, look at how your body responds and determine what works and what doesn’t.  No one method or trainer has a universally perfect way of doing things.

Episode 7: When osteoporosis knocks on your door again

Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 7: When osteoporosis knocks on your door again



In this solo episode Sarah discusses her evolving bone density journey, her discover of a technology that gave her an accurate bone quality assessment and how she believes it will change our approach to bone health for humans!

Episode 5: A conversation with Irma Jennings

Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 5: A conversation with Irma Jennings





Sarah interviews Irma Jennings. Irma Jennings, INHC, went from the boardroom on Wall Street to the cutting board in her kitchen after returning to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2003. Her diagnosis of osteopenia in 2005 inspired her to create her company, Food for Healthy Bones™.

She is happy to report her bones are strong. For the past 13 years, Irma has blogged monthly on Food for Healthy Bones.

In this episode Irma shares her favorite mineral water for calcium and magnesium as well as her substitute for milk in her coffee. We discuss Calcium and vitamin D and straighten out some commonly misunderstood aspects of these vitamins. Oxalates are discussed as well!


Irma Jennings from Food for Healthy Bones Joined Sarah to discuss how we all can eat well and support our bones.

2:00 Irma writes a blog that gives insights and information on healthy eating for our bones.You can find it on her website: https://www.food4healthybones.com/

You will also find her free offer of a document on 30 essential foods for bone health that you can sign up for on the website.

3:23 Irma recommends buying foods without packages and ingredients you can pronounce.

4:51 Myths that confound us:  Milk is essential for bones.

5:31 Your body will tell you when something does not work for you because your body will have a difficult time with absorption.  Your digestive system or your sinus’ or a headache may alert you.  An alternative to milk is Laird superfood creamer.

6:30 Irma reveals her special coffee recipe

7:10 Irma uses Dr. McCormicks collagen as well as his goat whey.

7:55 Irma’s green tea ritual

8:15 Mindful eating outline 

9:54 What type of calcium is best if you are buying fortified foods.  Answer: marine calcium.

10:57 Calcium carbonate is the cheapest calcium and it is harder to digest.  Be aware that you need more stomach acid to break it down.

12:56 One should do an elimination diet under a doctor’s supervision.  Irma will be involved in offering one with a doctor soon.

15:00 The idea of “eating well” is generally misunderstood.  Variety is often ignored.

15:46 Understanding how much protein you need.

17:18 Straight talk about oxalates.

18:30 Do not get bogged down in what you can not have to the point that you are not eating a variety of foods.

18:50 Vitamin D and testing

24:00 Gerolsteiner Water is a natural mineral water that is high in calcium and magnesium.

25:44 Start your day with lemon water and a discussion of the controversy about acid and alkaline balance.

27:46 Eat a plate of veggies with different colors

29:10 Cronometer to get to know what nutrients you are taking in.

Episode 2: A conversation with Katy Lush, a natural movement expert

Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 2: A conversation with Katy Lush, a natural movement expert



In this episode Sarah interviews Katy Lush of Lush Living. Katy is a fitness expert and owner of Chicago River North Pilates studio since 2004. She’s on a mission to get more people moving – so they can lead less sedentary lives and reap the health benefits of accessible, restorative, and sustainable movement habits.

A Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, GYROTONIC® Trainer, Certified Movement Analyst and Restorative Exercise Specialist (with a background as a retired dancer, pre-Olympic gymnast and trapeze artist!), Katy believes in making exercise something that any person at any age can do.

When she’s not running her studio, speaking on podcasts and panels, or being a fitness workshop junkie, you can find Katy playing with her 3 year old and 6 year old, drinking chocolate-mint tea, or dreaming of travels in faraway places with her husband.


Show Notes:

In this episode Sarah is joined by Katy Lush, who is a fitness expert and owner of the beloved Chicago River North Pilates studio since 2004. She’s on a mission to get more people moving – so they can lead less sedentary lives and reap the health benefits of accessible, restorative, and sustainable movement habits. They discuss natural movement, and how people can improve their health by changing a few things about how they move.

Katy and Sarah discuss the benefits of natural movements, and one of the major benefits, checking multiple boxes by “Layering your Life.” This philosophy primarily being, finding how to get exercise through basic movements such as bending and finding things in the kitchen.

Katy goes on to discuss how she “layers her life” she talks about how she drives, and how she goes on walks, and how she incorporates movement into those moments. Sarah then asks her about Katy’s clients and what are some of the things they do. Lastly Katy discusses “layering her life” by taking small moments to care about health even while staring at screens, or by thinking about the shoes you are wearing.

Learn more about Sarah by going to her website

Learn more by going to Katy’s Website, or her Instagram