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Episode 11: Sarah talks with Nikki Naab-Levy

Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Bone Boot Camp Podcast
Episode 11: Sarah talks with Nikki Naab-Levy

Sarah interviews Nikki Naab-Levy on this episode. Nikki is a Pilates teacher and so much more. Nikki has a strong practice of teaching Pilates and strength and mobility to individuals to suit their current fitness level.

Nikki and Sarah discuss the common perceptions and misunderstandings about strength training and why all individuals can do it. They also discuss coming back from injury and working out with physical limitations.

Nikki’s Podcast name sums up her ride ranging conversations: Results not Typical!


Nikki Naab-Levy
Women & Strength Training
1:40 Nikki is a 17 year veteran of group fitness training and pilates.  It was after injury and the post rehab rabbit hole that Nikki found strength training.
3:51 The intersection of tightness and strength.  Passive stretching as an incomplete solution.
5:44 We are attracted to things that feel familiar and safe.  This is why we females end up in Pilates and Yoga.  They feel gentle and safe.
6:47 Challenge your body in an intelligent way to build strength and get resilient.  We need to use big global movements like weight lifting.
7:37 The fear of strength training looking and feeling like cross fit.
9:00 Figure out how to load and challenge your system but also do some smaller movements for stability and mobility.
10:51 The pillow fort jail and the pink dumbbell jail
13:25 More is not always better.  Reaching a threshold to induce change but also another threshold where the returns are diminishing and possibly inflammatory.
14:27 Perceived exertion study with heat and sweat, hot yoga.
15:33 The benefits of rest
17:43 Nikki’s clients seek her out for restorative movements but she emphasized that one can post rehab lift weights by introducing low volume with just enough weight to not induce injury issues.
21:33 progressively loading does not mean forever to the point of bulky
24:50 If you tried strength training and it did not work for you.  Do not give up.  It is all a learning process.  You take what did not work and experiment with a different approach with a different coach.  Find the edges, look at how your body responds and determine what works and what doesn’t.  No one method or trainer has a universally perfect way of doing things.