Introducing Sarah Purcell’s…

The Osteoporosis Activity Guide

…there are four types of movement that support people with osteoporosis in remaining active & promoting bone strength.

The Four Types of Movement are:


Working on your posture is important as you age. Proper alignment helps you achieve good posture and relieves pressure on your back. Good posture also helps create the muscular support you need to protect your spine.


Activities that help you keep your balance are so important in preventing slip and fall accidents. These simple exercises assist you in having more feeling in your feet, and help your body learn what to do on uneven surfaces.


Weights or resistance bands helps muscles and bones get stronger.  Building more muscle, the bone responds by growing more bone. An important benefit of strength work is that muscle strength and power are essential in maintaining good balance.



Aerobic work outs are important for your heart health! It is important for you to give your cardio vascular system a challenge a few times a week. You don’t have to use high impact to get the heart moving.

Most of us understand aerobic or cardio exercise: something that gets your heart rate up (i.e. taking a walk). It’s important as we age to keep our hearts healthy.

You might also have some ideas about strength training, which is something I teach in-depth in my online video program, Bone Boot Camp.

Each element is crucial in the journey to feeling healthier and more confident in your body.

Ready? Let’s get started!

I’ll teach you my favorite posture and balance exercises, in an easy to follow format. You’ll also find a printable weekly calendar to help support you in fitting posture, balance, strength training and aerobic exercise into your life—with ease.